Cumberland County Fair 2007


Rules & Regulations

Monday, August, 28th at 6:00pm

Show Chairman - David Beaty

Committee - Gary Adams, Ricky Smith & Kenny Carey 


1. Competion is open to all Juniors - Cumberland County and touching counties

2. No sick animals allowed.

3. All Wethers will show as Market Goats. (castrated Billy)

4. All Wethers must have their milk teeth.

5. Does will show as Commercial Does or as Market Goats not both.

6. Commercial Does will have kid classes since last year and yearling classes (1-2 year old). the goat must have yearling teeth to show in yearling classes. If the goat has 6 big teeth it will be allowed to show but not for champion.

7. Classes will be divided by weight, they will not be divided by breed.

8. There is no minimum weight, but all animals must be under a lead.

9. All goats must have proper identification (eartag or necktag).

10. Five goats is the maximum number of goats an exhibitor can show and maximum of two per class.

11. Clipping is optional, but all animals must have horns covered.

12. All animals must be on grounds by 5:00pm.

Showmanship Classes

Peewee - Under 4th Grade - Ribbon Only

Junior - 4th-6th Grade - Ribbon Only

Junior High - 7th-9th Grade - Ribbon Only

Commercial Doe Class

Class I  Kid Class - current year (Chamnpion - Reserve)

Class II  Yearling (1-2 year old) (Champion - Reserve)

Class III  All Other Does (will not show for champion)

Market Class  (Champion - Reserve) Shown by Weight Classes will be determined at show.